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Welcome to visit our official website!

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Welcome to visit our official website!

Shanghai Ketchview Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of screen printing machines. As a member of SGIA in China, it has been deeply cultivated in the fields of spot UV varnish coating, silk screen cold foil stamping, water transfer for high/low temperature wine lable and sports equipment, heat transfer label, garment mark and hang tag printing technology for many years. With its excellent quality and professional service, it is deeply favored by customers at home and abroad. In the development of China's screen printing, we continue to contribute our own strength.  

Ketchview products are suitable for paper packaging, PVC packaging, glass, ceramic flower paper and electronic printed circuit board printing and various sign making, as well as indoor and outdoor advertising.

Ketchview products sell well all over the country, but also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa and other regions, by the majority of new and old customers widely praised.

In line with the enterprise spirit of "integrity, quality and innovation", Ketchview will continue to contribute to the development of screen printing in China!

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