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Automatic Heat Transfer Screen Printing Line (with wicket dryer)


Automatic Heat Transfer Screen Printing Line
Automatic screen printing machine + Wicket dryer + Sheet stacker


1. Automatic screen printing machine

Brief Introduction

GST Series Automatic Stop-cylinder Screen Printing Machine are upgrade models from Rotary Cylinder Printing Machine recent years. This kind of machine has adopted classical "Stop-cylinder" printing movement instead of the original "reciprocating movement". Therefore, it not only ensures the paper accurate position before scratch- print, but also reduce the producing waster rate. Besides, there is little impact with such high speeds and revolving, which also improves the register precision.  

Technical Parameters



Max.Paper Size(mm)


Min.Paper Size(mm)


Max.Printing Size(mm)


*Paper Thickness(g/m2 )


*Printing Speed(p/h)


Screen Frame Size: (mm)


Total Power:(kw)


Total Weight:(kg)




Main Features

1. Driven by variable frequency brake motor, the whole machine is operated under the centralized control of Mitsubishi PLC. The WEINVIEW-touch screen operation interface displays all functional data, making printing operation more simple and convenient;

2. Adapt the Japan KEYENCE automatic optical fiber positioning detection, in case of, paperless and paper stuck, automatically rises and stops to reduce printing paper waste;

3. Full alarm system to prompt operators to carry out exact troubleshooting, making maintenance easy and fast;

4. The whole electrical components are imported from Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, which greatly improves the stability of the electrical system and reduces the maintenance and overhaul

5. The printing cylinder is made of stainless steel 316L, which is precise and durable. Flexible design of the elastic range of the paper teeth, convenient for the printing of different thickness of paper at any time;

6. The exit paper board can be turned 90 degrees, which is easy to clean screen. Screen can be adjusted up and down, front and back, right and left position

7. Centralized lubrication control system: main drive parts are lubricated automatically, which can effectively extend the service precision and machine life. Most of the bearings are used from NTN and NSK brand


Front pickup feeder, more suitable for the film substrate delivery, smooth and stable


MISUMI pressure wheel, SMC Pneumatic control switch

Vacuum paper delivery board, Stainless steel surface

机头2  机头2。1

Nylon block protects the cylinder surface, paper table suction can be adjusted, suitable for thick and thin paper


German import handle. Japan THK linear guide

The screen frame can be pulled out of the structure, easy to clean

Mesh screen hook to make mesh tension more even


Schneider low voltage electric appliance and button switch, Mitsubishi PLC, Omron optoelectronic switch, KEYENCE fiber amplifier and other imported accessories ensure the stable operation of the system


机头5.0 机头5.1

WEINVIEW-touch screen, easy operation


GWD720 Wicket Dryer
1.GWD-720 SERIES WICKET DRYER is widely used for drying all kinds of printing solvent ink and               paint such as ceramic decal , credit cards and other package printing etc.

2.The machine is consisted of heating parts and cooling parts; Heating parts are full close tunnel construct, and cooling parts are open construct without side boards;

3.There are electric heating lamps fixed on the top of heating parts. Through the fans and lead bar fixed in two of the wind boxes, hot air can circulate and the temperature can keep steadily;

4.The machine has digital temperature controller. There are one layer installing on the side board for insulation using;

5.There are two sets of exhausting devices which are fixed separately on the beginning and the end of the heating parts;

6.There are fans fixed on the top of cooling parts, which are used to blow dry the paper surface through the lead bars;

7.The machine can be combined with automatic printing machine. Through the moving clamps it can build up an automatic producing line: Printing – Drying – Conveying – Stacking.


Photos for reference only

GSZ720 sheet stacker (double layer type)


Deliver the sheet on the top and stack the sheet at the bottom




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