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SQZK115S16 Program Control Paper Cutter


Computer System

1.Full touch display screen, made by Japan-based Sharp;

2.German operating system is equipped to meet the operating habits of     domestic users and guarantee convenient operation;

3.Mainboard adopted industrial chip imported from Italy;

4.Highly sensitive of the touch screen has real-time responses;

5.Equipped with signal amplification function and excellent anti-interference to avoid dimension errors due to drive aging;

6.Dimension in front of knife will be displayed to facilitate sizes for cutting;

7.Program storage capacity is 300 programs, each program can store 200  items cutting size.

8.computing with four operations, output programs in real time;

9.Equipment has relative positioning function relative to current position;

10.With minimal compensation, it can rapidly correct program errors due to paper distortions;

11.It can rapidly find out user-defined number of cutters;

12.Each air cushion program can be programmed;

13.The time of automatic cutting signals can be set up and cancelled; single automatic cutting can be started by inputting a password;

14.High and low speeds can be manually switched over rapidly;

15.A paper-pushing program is equipped to push paper automatically so as to guarantee safety and enhance operation efficiency;

16.Automatic cutting can be made as per instructed programming;

17.Display precision is 0.01mm;

18.Multiple languages such as Chinese and English are available for order management;

19.Manual and automatic operations can be rapidly switched over to enhance efficiency to the greatest extent;

20.Voice messages are equipped to make users judge equipment conditions correctly.

Machine Performance

• Chrome-plated for main worktable and side tables, and has the device of air cushion, which is convenient for backgauge running. 

• Adopts high stiffness linear guides and high precision gapless lead screw to ensure backgauge accuracy and effectively improve the anti-impact capability against unidirectional impact.

• Adopts double hydraulic system which is composed of two hydraulic circuits. When press the footpedal, the hydraulic oil goes through the primary hydraulic circuit made up of reducing valve and spillover valve, and gives the cutting paper micro pressure. The pressure is only several kilograms and can’t hurt operator’s hands. At the time of cutting paper, put thousands of kilograms of high pressure to ensure the cutting quality and safe operation.

• Uses Japan NSK bearing of low maintenance, Italy oil pump and German DICHTOMATIK sealing elements. Main electronic units are from French TE and Japanese ORMON brands.

• It adopts inside electronic knife locker, which can effectively avoid knife-sliding.

• Adopts main motor overloading protection safety device for cutting, infrared photoelectric protection, and buttons by two hands safety devices.

• The large components adopt HT250 cast iron and has accepted vibration stress relief, so they won’t deform after been used for long time.

• It has mechanical assistance device for knife replacement, illuminated working surface/optical cutting line indicator and a tool box with tools, operating instruction, computer manual and spare parts list. It has total 2 HSS knives.

Technical Parameter

Max.Cutting Widthcm115

Max.Cutting Lengthcm130

Max. Cutting Heightmm165

Min. Cutting Sizemm30
(without false clam plate)

Min. Cutting Sizemm90
(with false clamp plate)

Front Table Lengthcm73

Max.Clamp PressureN40000
Max. Cutting Speedtime/min46
Main MotorKW4
Net WeightKg3900
Gross WeightKg4300
Packing Size(L×W×H)cm285×190×210



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