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GSP Series Full Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Spot UV Varnish Coating Line


GSP Series Full Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Spot UV varnish coating line

GSP Series Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine are widely used in printing various semi rigid and flexible materials, such as ceramic decal, cardboard, soft PCB, transfer paper and film switch etc. Because the machine is suitable for many kinds of printings and controlled by easily operation, it wins much honor in the



GSP 机头

·The machine is equipped with Japanese MITSUBISHI Frequency Invertor and PLC, which

 can control the whole running. More than 90% imported electric components make the

 machine own many prior points :high class, high integration and high stability etc.

·Best monitor system during the whole course of operating ensure the machine's good

 registered precision: ≦0.15mm.

·Full and fresh ink layer is up to 30-40mm,which presents high 3D feeling and hard-coating.

·The machine has two feed modes: universal mode and stream mode; the two mode can be

 switched freely depending upon different printing size.

·Delivery board can be turned down by 90°.

·The screen frame can be load or unload easily; and the position can be fine adjusted.

·The series can be combined with the dryer to make up one automatic producing-line.

The connect with UV Dryer(refer to our product: GUV Series)to print by UV ink.

Model  GSP-780 GSP-1020 GSP-1450 GSP-1650
Max. Paper Size 


1020X740MM 1450X740MM 1650X1200MM
Min. Paper Size  350X270MM 500X350MM 700X450MM 1000X700MM

Max Printing Area

780X520MM 1020X720MM 1450X720MM 1650X1200MM
Paper thickness 90-350GSM 120-350GSM 120-320GSM 160-320GSM
Printing  Speed




Screen Frame Size 940X940MM 1280X1140MM 1680X1140MM 1920×1630MM
Total Power 7.8KW 8.2KW
15KW 18KW
Total Weight 3800KGS 4500KGS 4800KGS 5800KGS
Exterior Dimension 3100X2020X1270MM 3600X2350X1320MM 3600X2750X1320MM 7250×2650×1700MM


1. Driven by variable frequency brake motor, the whole machine is operated under the centralized control of  Mitsubishi PLC. The WEINVIEW-touch screen operation interface displays all functional data, making printing    operation more simple and convenient;
2. Adapt the automatic optical fiber positioning detection, in case of, paperless and paper stuck, automatically rises and stops to reduce printing paper waste;
3. Full alarm system to prompt operators to carry out exact troubleshooting, making maintenance easy and fast;
4. The whole electrical components are imported from Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, which greatly improves the stability of the electrical system and reduces the maintenance and overhaul
5. The printing cylinder is made of stainless steel 316L, which is precise and durable. Flexible design of the elastic range of the paper teeth, convenient for the printing of different thickness of paper at any time;
6. The exit paper board can be turned 90 degrees, which is easy to clean screen. Screen can be adjusted up and down, front and back, right and left position
7. Centralized lubrication control system: main drive parts are lubricated automatically, which can effectively extend the service precision and machine life. Most of the bearings are used from NTN and NSK brand

Partial description

The original rear pick-up feeder technology taken from the offset Press, ensures stable and smooth feeding of various types of substrate. Dependant on the substrate, overlapped or single sheet feed can be selected easily


New designed pull and push lay, suitable for the thin paper and thick paper


Double sheet detector



 GUV/IR-1050 UV Drying Machine

The dryer is widely used for drying UV ink printed on paper, PCB. PEC and nameplate of instrument printing etc.

It uses special wave length to solidify the UV ink. Through this reacting, it can give the printing surface high hardness, brightness, anti-attrition and anti-solvent


Main features:

1.     The convey or belt is made of TEFLON; it can endure high temperature, attrition and radiation.

2.     The stepless speed-adjusting device makes driving more steadily. It can be available to many printing modes whatever handwork, semi-automatic and, high-speed automatic printing.

3.     Through two sets of air-blower system, the paper can adhere to the belt firmly.

4.     The machine can work in many modes: single-lamp, multi-lamps or half-power solidifying etc, which can save electric power and extend the lamp’s life.

5.     The machine has stretching device and automatic rectifying device.

6.     There are 4 foot-wheels fixed under the machine which can move the machine easily.

7. Electronic-transformer with stepless power-adjustment

8. UV lamp exhaust, conveyor belt under air suction, conveyor light box exhaust

9. The height of the lamp is adjustable, and the wire grid is pulled down to prevent the burning of jammed paper

10. Equipped with light box opening alarm, paper jam alarm, light box high temperature protection and other safety protection;

Main technical parameter



Convey speed


UV lamp power

10 KW×3pcs

IR lamp power

1KW x 2pcs

Wrinkle lamp power


Effective curing width

1100 mm

Total power

40 KW, 3P, 380V, 50Hz


1200 kg

Overall size



GAC-1050 Cooler

The cooling unit is used with a flat conveying drying channel or a photosolid machine to reduce the temperature of the cured material; The machine group needs to be connected to the external power supply separately, with its own frequency conversion transmission, which can be placed in the drying channel or the back of the light-solid machine for online use, or it can be used alone. The use of blower air supply, high-speed cold air pressure down, to ensure the rapid reduction of material temperature, but also conducive to the smooth transportation of tissue paper; The whole box adopts thermal insulation design to reduce the loss of air conditioning and save energy.



Main technical parameter

Maximum width



0-65 m/min

Refrigerating medium



5.5 KW

External dimension


GSZ-1050 Full Automatic Stacker

GSZ sheet stacker is one of accessorial equipment to automatic cylinder screen printing machine, It is used to collect and pile paper which can improve you product efficiency

1. The conveyor belt speed is infinitely adjusted by the frequency converter

2. The paper falling table automatically descends according to the material stacking, and can land directly to the ground, which is convenient for the forklift to load and unload the material

3. The whole paper mechanism adopts double-shaft cylinder to work, which is stable and reliable

4. The electrical control system of the whole machine adopts Chint and Delta control

5. With counting function, can record the receiving number


Main technical parameters



Max.Paper size

1050×850 mm

Min.Paper size

400×350 mm

Top speed

5000 sheet/h


3P 380V 50Hz 1.5KW (5A)

Total weight


Overall size

1400×1700×1200 mm





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